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Laura Faye –
Pleaidian Oracle & Psychic Reader

Laura Faye is a Galactic Channeler, Starseed, and New Earth Ascension Guide. We have arrived at the Zero Point of the Aquarian Age. Light Warriors are Awakening, and remembering their Soul Gifts & Calling. DNA Lightcode Activations are upgrading your physical vessel to enable you to vibrate at a Higher state of consciousness. Psychic & Supernatural abilities are coming online. Laura's Mission is to help you Exit The Matrix, and shift from 3rd Dimension to 5th Dimension New Earth. 

Laura is a Psychic intuitive, Energy Reader. She uses Clairaudience, Clairvoyance, Oracle, and Tarot to receive messages from your Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and the Akashic Records. 

Areas covered include:

Love & Relationships

Twin Flame Journey


Karmic Contracts

Shadow Work

Ascension Symptoms 

DNA Lightcode Activations

Health & Wellness

Akashic Records

Past Lives

Cord Cutting

Abundance Mindset 

Starseed Origins

Life Purpose

Psychic Gifts

Highest Timeline

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