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Laura has extensive experience and qualifications in Spiritual Activations:

Find Your Life Purpose

Align with your Highest Timeline and Higher Self. 

Connect with your Inner wisdom, and rediscover your Soul Gifts. You will receive Messages from your Guides, Ancestors, and The Akashic Records

Psychic Reading

Ask anything about your current situation, relationships, career prospects, or Future timeline. We will channel messages from your Higher self and read the energy of likely outcomes. 

Divine Union/Twin Flame Journey

How to navigate your Unique Journey and balance your own inner Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energy. Ascension symptoms as a result of Kundalini rising, DNA activations. and Physical or Astral connection with your Divine Counterpart. We will receive clarity and messages around the Current Energy in your connection, Karmic blocks, Healing the Heart chakra and how to Find Peace. 





Starseed Origins

Past Life Karma

Ascension Tools 

Light Activation

Energy Healing

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